Best Water Bottle Pump Dispenser (Electric)

Nifty devices, these.

We all know the hassle of lifting and tipping the big, heavy, cumbersome water bottle onto the water cooler unit, don’t we?

Or perhaps you enjoyed having to ask a young, strong gentleman to do it for you? 😉

Instead, you’ll connect this little unit on the top of a bottle. Then, the water comes out of the tap, at the push of a button. It’s electric, and rechargeable by USB.

But which is the best one, that’s the question.

Well let’s see, as we check out the Best Water Bottle Pump Dispenser.

Our No.1 is the Kavavo pump, it’s the best overall. Then the best for features is the Joyhill model. And finally the most attractive model is the Amazi water dispenser.

best overall water dispenser pump

Kavavo Water Bottle Pump

Suitable for: 2-5 Gallon (4.5L-18.9L) Water Bottle Barrels
Battery life per charge: 30-40 days (4-6 5-Gallon bottles)
Dimensions: 7.5L x 7.5W x 13H cm

no.1 feature on an electric water bottle pump

Joyhill Water Bottle Dispenser

Suitable for: 1-5 Gallon (3.8L-18.9L) Water Bottle Barrels
Battery life per charge: 30-60 days (8-10 5-Gallon bottles)
Dimensions: 5.1L x 5.1W x 12.7H cm

best looking automatic rechargeable dispenser

Amazi Electric Water Pump

Suitable for: 2-5 Gallon (4.5L-18.9L) Water Bottle Barrels
Battery life per charge: 30-40 days (4-6 5-Gallon bottles)
Dimensions: 14.5L x 6.5W x 14.5H cm

We are the UK’s experts on water filters and related water products.

Our top model selections were decided on by:

  • Ease of use
  • Reliability and longevity
  • Flow rate efficiency
  • Quality of materials (particularly related to food safety and potential for rusting)
  • Battery longevity
  • Ease of fitment to a water bottle

In this Best Of article, we’ll also discuss in detail how to decide which one is right for you.

Best Water Bottle Pump Dispenser

Best Water Bottle Pump Dispenser

Water Dispenser Pump Reviews

Let’s check out these devices in much more detail. What’s good / bad / indifferent…

best overall water dispenser pump

Kavavo Water Bottle Pump

Pros and who this model is right for:

Its the model without a particular weakness
It has 2 adapters so it fits threaded caliber and screw caliber bottles, as well as the normal 2L-5L universal (standard) barrel water bottles. It fits really well, gives you your water smoothly (no button issues, no electrical issues). No particular weaknesses, other than a couple of other models have some unique factors this one doesn’t.

Well established, time-proven
It’s been around for 3 years now, one of the pioneers of this type of product. And it’s stood the test of time, it’s lasting well for the vast majority of people.

It feels and looks quality
This is pretty low priced product, but it all feels surprisingly good quality. Food-grade silicon hose. Non-toxic and smell resistant. High quality, ABS plastic. These are the type of materials you want from a product that has water flowing through it regularly.

The downsides of this model:

Not the best looking
We mean, it looks fine. It looks okay, but it’s not sleek. It’s not as good looking as the no.3 on our list, the Amazi model.

It doesn’t tell you how many mL of water
It may not be what you’re buying it for, but it’s certainly a nice feature that the Joyhill water dispenser pump has in its locker that this model doesn’t.

Where can you get it?

The lowest cost seller is here, on Amazon.

no.1 feature on an electric water bottle pump

Joyhill Water Bottle Dispenser

The pros:

It fit well and worked well
The universal fit worked well in our tests, with a few different sizes of water bottle barrels..

Better battery life
It’ll last you the longest out of all the electric water bottle pumps on the market. As much as 2 months, and 10 5-gallon water bottles. That’s thanks to the 1800mAh battery, 50% bigger than the other top models.

Fold-down water outlet
A nifty aspect to this dispenser. When you’re not using it, you can fold down the water outlet. That means it’s not exposed to potential odours and insects, inquisitive pets and their tongues, for example!

Shows water usage each time
Ideal for cooks, and people who want to track how much water they drink. Or, may we suggest, those who don’t want to overfill their kettle! Essential for most people? Nope. A nice feature on a quality water pump? Yep.

Cons and why it’s not for you:

It’s the most expensive of these top models
Not by a lot, but it’s a few quid more.

Pretty slow flow rate
We felt the water comes out a bit slow. If you’re going to be using it to fill a big kettle or water bottle, be aware that other models are faster.

Where to buy it?

The cheapest price we found is this seller.

best looking automatic rechargeable dispenser

Amazi Electric Water Pump

Positive aspects and who this is best for:

It looks great
Sits on top of your water bottle, looking all nice. What else to say? Not a crucial issue, but a nice lil’ bonus all the same.

Great fit
The Amazi electric water pump is one of the best fitting, and easiest to fit we tested. It’s for 2-5 gallon barrel types of water bottle. Don’t get it for threaded/screw-top. Simple as.

Made of quality materials
BPA-free (FYI, here are the top BPA Free water bottles), ABS plastic, stainless steel. Like the Kavavo model (our no.1), this is a good all-rounder.

Cons and why this model is not for you:

It’s noisy
It’s the only major negative we noticed, and the only one that could irritate some people. It does make quite a bit of noise when it does the pumping.

Its a bit more expensive than the Kavavo model
It has similar benefits and quality. Looks nicer. It is cheaper than the Joyhill dispenser pump, though.

Where should you get it?

You can see it at lowest cost, right here.

What are the other best options for cleaner, safer water?

Get a tap water filter. This way, you can get get safe, healthy water directly from your tap.

Or check out the top activated carbon water filters, there are a few different types.

To encourage yourself or those around you to drink more, maybe a cooler (like the Primo water dispenser) is an option.

How about a cool-looking hydrogen water bottle?

Best Automatic Water Dispenser Pump Summary

That was our test results for the best automatic water dispenser pumps in the UK.

As you read, the top all rounder is the Kavavo pump water bottle – it does everything well, is well-made, with quality materials, like ABS (one of the best food-safe plastics) and is the most established and reliable water bottle pump on the market.

The Joyhill electric dispenser has some excellent features beyond that – showing you many millilitres of water you use on each usage, and with a foldaway outlet, for best hygiene. It costs more, though.

Finally, the Amazi automatic pump is the best looking, and performed well in every metric on our tests. It’s price point is in between the other two top models in this article.

Good luck with your choice.