Primo Water Dispenser (Cooler) Review

Water filters and stuff; that’s what we’re into. Anything that stores, or filters or distils or purifies or outputs water, we’re into it.

That’s why today we’re checking out something new, here’s our Primo Water Dispenser/Cooler Review.

This brand has been around for a few years now, it’s one of the top selling coolers in the UK; frankly, it’s overdue that we get our teeth into a 2023 review.

Below, you can see the essential stats on this product, and then go on to read the results of our testing.

And check out specs, price and more info here.

Primo Water Dispenser (Cooler) Review

  • Water bottle size it fits: 18L
  • Cold tank volume: 3L
  • Dimensions: ‎27 (L) x 30 (W) x 93 (H) cm
  • Cold water temperature: 4°C to 10°C

How exactly did we evaluate the Primo water dispenser?

We checked out how it performed in the following ways:.

  • How smoothly it dispenses water
  • Ease of inserting a new water bottle
  • Build quality of the unit
  • Attractiveness of the unit (for a water cooler, it’s all relative!)
primo water cooler dispenser review

Rating the Primo Water Dispenser

Want the downlow on this cooler? Here’s where we dig down into the specifics: what we liked and didn’t like and how fit for purpose it is.

Primo Water Cooler

Plus points and who would need this model:

The most reliable choice
Why? In our testing it worked without a hitch. And as part of our analysis, we’ll typically check out some distributors; this model has few, if any returns. So you can be confident it lasts and keeps working even a few years down the line. That’s not the case with quite a few other models on the market; a few pesky too many pesky issues crop up, you can check out some online reviews of other water dispensers to see that.

Generous dispensing space
Too many water dispensers have too small a space between the taps and the drip tray. The Primo cooler has a very decent 22.5cm of space, enough for pretty much any glass, container or plastic water bottle that you want to fill up. Attention to the little details like these is why Primo are a name of quality for this product type.

One-handed dispensing is more convenient
We like the lever on the Primo cooler, as opposed to a traditional tap. So you’ll push the lever back and the water dispenses, meaning you can do it with one hand.

Unfinicky” cleaning and drip tray
Non-finicky? Unfussy? Yeah, that. We’ve found other dispensers of this type to be slightly awkward to clean; to remove the drip tray and then clean the tray itself. The Primo water cooler shape and design lends itself to more easily removal and cleaning.

Cons and why this model is not for you:

Top loading water bottles can be on the heavy side
18 Litre water bottles are quite heavy, and since this cooler is top loaded, you’ll have to lift the bottle up each time to replace an empty bottle. Bottom loading water dispensers are available, but have significant issues of their own. If the heaviness or inconvenience of top loading bottles is an issue, you’ll want to check out other options (like an electric pump dispenser) than this type of cooler.

It’s a bit steep, price-wise
It costs a pretty penny. We haven’t found another model of cooler, though, that works so smoothly over time. So it’s up to you if you want to invest in this one; it’s likely to offer greater longevity and convenience.

Where can you get it?

You’ll find it on Amazon, here.

Primo Water Cooler / Dispenser Review Summary

Ta very much for joining us and reading this Primo Water Dispenser Review.

It tested well in most regards; certainly it’s the top water cooler on the market for reliability and ease of use. It has a few aspects that account for this; getting the small (but important) details right.

That said, it’s not cheap, and you do have to replace a heavy water bottle each time if you choose this as your solution for providing water on your office or home.

There are also other options that could be healthier, like an alkaline water machine. Or get a cooler and a hydrogen water generator (here are the best hydrogen water machines UK).

Having cool water is great, though; anything that encourages you to drink more water is great for your health.

Good luck and all the best with whatever choice you make, Primo cooler (see it here) or otherwise.