Best BPA Free Bottled Water UK

We are the UK’s water experts. And here are the best BPA bottled water brands in the UK.

Our No.1 is Actiph Alkaline Ionised Spring Water, it had the best combination of healthiness and eco credentials. Then, at No.2 is Voss Natural Mineral Water, which is highly natural and environmentally sound. Finally, at No.3 is Fiji Artesian Water, the best tasting and incredibly natural.

Actiph Ionised Spring Water

100% BPA Free: Yes
pH Level: pH 9.0
Sizes Available: 600ml, 1L

Voss Natural Mineral Water

100% BPA Free: Yes
pH Level: pH ~5-6
Sizes Available: 500ml

Fiji Natural Artesian Water

100% BPA Free: Yes
pH Level: pH 7.7
Sizes Available: 330ml, 500ml, 700ml, 1L, 1.5L

Who exactly are we and how did we decide on the best BPA Free bottled water in the UK?

We specialise in water filtration, testing and analysing water softeners, and water filtration units for the home. Particularly those used by normal households, families to provide safer, healthier water for their homes.

In choosing the top picks, here were the factors we analysed:

  • Genuineness of BPA Free claim
  • Overall environmental credentials
  • Safety practices
  • Filtration processes used to make the water safe
  • Ionisation processes, if applicable
  • Tastiness of the water
  • Healthiness of the water

That being the case, let’s see how these bottled water brands performed in our tests.

Best BPA Bottled Water UK

BPA Free Bottled Water Reviews

Here are the pros and cons of each water brand, and how you can choose the right one for you.

Actiph Ionised Spring Water

Pros and who needs thy:

Comes fresh from an English spring
The source of this water is a Shropshire spring. Many UK buyers will like that it’s from a local source, as well as being BPA Free and the other benefits over other water that we’ll go on to discuss below.

It’s filtered via reverse osmosis
If you’re a regular reader of Water Filter Geek, then you’ll know we’re big fans of the reverse osmosis method of filtration (here’s why – all you need to know about reverse osmosis filtration systems). It’s by some distance the best way to remove impurities, unwanted chemicals, viruses, bacteria, and many other unwanted pollutants.

Electrolytes are added to boost the water’s health-giving properties
Specifically, the following electrolytes are added: potassium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate and magnesium sulphate. What do electrolytes do? Among other things, they balance your body’s natural pH level, balance the amount of water in your body, move nutrients into your cells, and remove waste from cells, regulate your nerves, brain and heart functions.

Exceptional environmental credentials
Here’s why we say that:
– 100% recyclable packaging
– Actiph plant a tree for every case sold
– Actiph fund the collection of 4 ocean-bound plastic bottles for each bottle sold
– Partnership with Ecologi, one of the leading UK environmental organisations – including carbon positive scheme for employees

Water is ionised for better taste and alkaline pH level
The water is ionised by passing it through platinum and titanium plates. That removes acidic ions, which can cause a slightly sour taste in other water brands. The result is more refreshing, smoother taste.

Cons and why this brand of bottled water is not for you:

It’s not cheap
If you buy the 12 bottles, 600ml option, it works out at around £1.50 per bottle. That’s certainly not cheap, though considering all the advantages and health benefits offered, it’s not bad value, all in all. And, on Amazon, you can get a subscription to reduce the price by 10-15%.

Where can you get it?

You can see it for lowest cost here, on Amazon.

Voss Natural Mineral Water

Pros and who needs thy:

It’s made from rPET plastic
That means it’s made completely from recycled plastic. And PET is one of the most sustainable plastic types; it’s also completely recyclable itself. That means that rPET is one of the most environmentally friendly types of packaging in the world.

It’s an artesian source
What does artesian mean you may (or indeed, may not) be asking? Well, it means the water comes naturally to the surface via pressure, rather than via a water well or other manmade means. Some people prefer it as they believe it’s therefore filtered naturally by the earth and has minerals added through this process that are very good for your health.

It’s unprocessed and natural
Everyone has different preferences and tastes. Some may prefer our No.1 BPA Free bottled water brand which is processed via various means to improve health. The Voss Mineral Water, however, is unprocessed and unfiltered. That’s because it goes through natural filtration processes through the earth. Some people will prefer the naturalness of this water. It’s 100% safe and healthy, as well. Both methods are effective in their own way.

Proven to be one of the world’s purest bottled waters
It has a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) level of less than 45 parts per million (ppm). And you can taste the pureness and cleanness of this water.

lt comes from the wilds of Norway
Scandinavian countries are known for the pureness of their air, and their relatively unspoiled nature. That allows the artesian source and natural filtration processes to take place, without manmade chemicals getting in the way and spoiling it, as happens in other places in the world.

For a BPA Free Bottled Water, it’s fairly inexpensive
Working out at around £1 per bottle, it’s not too badly priced, considering it’s one of the purest and healthiest water bottle brands in the world.

Cons and why this brand of bottled water is not for you:

It’s slightly on the acidic side (according to pH level, not that it tastes acidic!)
It’s pH level is from pH 5-6, that means it’s not alkaline, as some other waters are. However, be aware that it’s purely, naturally that way. It’s not so clear cut and black and white, that water has to be alkaline. Read up on it, if you like, but be aware that this water has excellent health credentials, and is proven to be very safe.

Where can you get it?

Here’s the best priced seller, on Amazon.

Fiji Natural Artesian Water

Pros and who needs thy:

The most protected, truly natural, artesian source
Fiji Water comes from a well-protected artesian aquifer. That is, a chamber, deep under the ground, which is naturally formed from layers of permeable volcanic rock. The rock both pressurises the chamber and stops contaminants and impurities from reaching the water. The water from the aquifer is really what you drink, it’s not processed – it doesn’t need to be! As an artesian source, it’s filtered naturally by the earth and contains an abundance of beneficial minerals.

The water *is* actually from Fiji
It’s not just a brand or marketing gimmick, that’s actually where the water comes from. We know Fiji as a rugged landscape, with clear lagoons and palm-lined beaches; almost unparalleled natural beauty. Not a bad thing to contemplate as you drink the water, eh? It comes directly from the aforementioned aquifers within Fiji’s volcanoes.

Its pH is 7.7, quite alkaline
It’s a natural source, and therefore that alkalinity is purely natural. The naturally dissolved minerals and gasses just happen to make it alkaline. Some people believe alkaline water is superior since it balances the high acid in our diets.

The botttles are made from PET
The plastic bottles of Fiji water are made from high-grade PET. That means they’re completely recyclable. As mentioned earlier in this article, PET is one of the most sustainable plastics.

Smooth, soft, almost luxurious taste
Whether it’s the volcanic aquifer’s natural minerals or some other reason, this is a great-tasting water. You won’t often hear water called delicious (and maybe it’s a stretch to say it!), but if any water is then Fiji water is.

Price is decent considering the healthiness and taste of the water
A 500ml bottle is less than 90p, and that goes down to about 75p if you get a subscription.

Cons and why this brand of bottled water is not for you:

Delivery from Fiji is not great for the environment
It obviously has to be transported from Fiji. That means it’s using up fossil fuels to get here. That’s not ideal from an environmental perspective.

Where can you get it?

You can get it on Amazon, right here.

How to pick the right BPA Free Bottled Water for me?

Here’s how to choose.

Do you want your water to be processed or more natural?

It comes to personal preference. Some people like their water to have been processed to make sure it’s clean and healthy. They appreciate the extra filtration process to remove impurities. And they like the addition of health-enhancing minerals. And there’s some evidence that ionised water has additional hydration benefits compared to normal water; while its alkaline nature can neutralise excess acidity in the body.

If you like the sound of that, then our No.1, Actiph Ionised Spring Water is the one for you. It’s put through the best type of filtration in the world, reverse osmosis filtration. And it’s ionised via titanium and platinum plates. It’s also from right here in the UK, and has the best environmental credentials.

Others may prefer and love the idea of completely natural water. Our No.2, Voss Natural Mineral Water is from an artesian source, and is completely natural. It’s naturally filtered by the earth and contains minerals from the earth. It’s one of the purest water bottle brands of earth, from the wilderness of Norway.

Also completely natural is Fiji Water, infused with volcanic minerals and completely isolated from contaminants by its location in a natural, underground chamber. You do have to bear in mind the environmental effects of delivery halfway around the world, however.

What does BPA Free actually mean?

A product can only be called BPA Free if it does not use BPA in its construction.

And what is BPA? It’s an organic compound called Bisphenol A.

It’s a chemical that is present in many kinds of plastic, and it has been identified by major health authorities as a substance that can cause developmental damage to babies and foetuses.

Specifically, BPA has been shown to disrupt the functioning of the endocrine system.

All the bottled water brands in this list are BPA Free.

Could another solution work for you?

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A big water bottle, with an automatic water bottle pump dispenser on top?

Best BPA Free Bottled Water UK Summary

That’s it for our list of the best BPA Free Bottled Water UK.

We talked about the health benefits, cleanliness considerations, and environmental credentials of each kind of water.

We described how each different water varies. The Actiph Ionised Spring Water, has excellent filtration and ionisation processes for great safety; and has superb environmental practices. The Voss Natural Mineral Water and Fiji Artesian Water brands have great natural filtration, and wonderful taste.

Good luck with your choice, and enjoy your BPA Free bottled water.