Best Alkaline Water Machine UK

Now, this is an interesting area for water. There’s no doubt that interest in alkaline water has exploded in the last year or two.

So as well as buying bottled water of this type, it’s no surprise than an increasing number of people want to get a product in their home that will produce this kind of water.

By the way, you’re looking for a machine, right? The only one that’s technically a machine is the water ionizer machine. The others are filter jugs and dispensers, they work by putting the water through filters, and adding minerals which raise the alkalinity of the water.

Here, then, is our rankings of the Best Alkaline Water Machine UK.

Below, you’ll see the winners in each category. The pH Restore was the best filter jug. A pH Recharge was the best alkaline filter dispenser. The pH Reharge glass dispenser was the best table top purifier type. And the Alkadrops Water Ionizer was the best for the ionizer machine category.

Alkaline filter jug

Ph Restore Alkaline Water Filter Jug

Type: Filter Jug
Capacity: 3.5L
Dimensions (LxWxH): 26.7 x 25.4 x 13.3cm

Best alkaline water machine dispenser

pH Recharge Alkaline Countertop Water Filter Dispenser

Type: Countertop Dispenser (fits in fridge)
Capacity: 12.5L
Dimensions (LxWxH): 34.3 x 27.9 x 19.7cm

Table top alkaline water dispenser

pH Recharge Glass Dispenser

Type: Premium Glass Countertop Dispenser
Capacity: 8.5L
Dimensions (LxWxH): 28.2L x 43.2W x 27.7cm

best water ionizer

Alkadrops Water Ionizer

Type: Water Ionizer Machine
Capacity: 6000L
Dimensions (LxWxH): 28.5 x 17 x 11cm

We are the UK’s experts on water filter, water softeners and pretty much all things water-related.

You may be wondering, how did we make our selections? Well, we based it on the following areas:

  • How effectively it alkalizes your water
  • Whether the alkalinity/pH level is optimal for human consumption and health
  • Ease of use and convenience of the type of machine
  • Filtration effectiveness

In this guide, we’ll also let you know how to pick the one that’s right for you.

Best Alkaline Water Machine

best alkaline water machine uk

Alkaline Water Machine Reviews

Now we’ll check out those alkaline water machines, letting you know the pros and cons of each one, as a result of our testing.

Alkaline filter jug

pH Restore Alkaline Water Filter Jug

Pros and who would need this one:

The pH001 filter is well-renowned
Given the relatively low cost of this jug (for one with both high-quality filtration and providing you with genuinely alkaline water), we really do like the pH001 filter. It’s got proven ability to reduce chlorine, fluoride, nitrates, as well as heavy metals like lead, chromium, and arsenic.

Proven ability to increase alkalinity
We found in our testing that it raises pH to 8.4. Most people find it increases pH to the 8 to 9 level. And, indeed, the makers of the pH Restore, Invigorated Water, do claim it can reach as high as 10. In any case, anything from above 7 is beneficial, and 8-10 is great.

Comfortable to use, and easy to pour
The handle feels pretty nice in your hand, and even a relaxed grip is enough to keep it steady while you pour.

Easy to fill up
A nice little touch is the spring-loaded opening in the lid that allows you to refill. We found it works well, making it easy to refill the water and still provides a solid seal to dust and air, when you’re not using it.

Cons and why you may not want this alkaline water machine:

Despite its ease of use, it’s not the most convenient option
Why? Simply because you do you have keep refilling it to get the alkaline water. It’s not that uncommon to run out. If you want more, we’ve found it takes around 10-20 minutes for the filter to do its stuff and make the water more alkaline.

Take care not to knock it over when you fill it up
We found that because it’s quite a tall, narrow jug, it can get top heavy, as the water sits at the top of the jug when you fill it up. It’s not a flaw as such, it’s just good to be aware of this, and keep a good hold of it as you fill it up.

Where can you get it?

You can see it on Amazon, here.

Best alkaline water machine dispenser

pH Recharge Alkaline Water Purifier Dispenser

Pros and who needs this :

Exceptional in-use reports
People who actually use this alkaline water filter dispenser have given really positive feedback, ratings and reviews. We check with a few distributors and they said they get really good feedback about this alkaline water dispenser.

Much improved taste
A highly subjective thing, sure. But we certainly noticed a positive impact on taste, and many others have too. The taste of water comes from the minerals, and this filter works by adding more minerals to the water. Cogito ergo sum – the water gets more tasty. Some even go so far as to describe it as sweet (of course, not really, not in a sugary way!).

Healthier water
There’s the increased alkalinity. Which can potentially help to offset a diet that is too acidic. Then there’s the increased quantity of minerals in the water. Minerals like calcium, iron and magnesium are good for health. And the pH Restore filter adds them to the water in the right amount – not too little and not too much.

Greater convenience
It’s more convenient in a few ways, compared to a filter jug or pitcher. Firstly, there’s simply more water. 12.5L is a high capacity, you’re not going to be refilling that several times a day. So you’ve probably got at least a few days water always there, ready for you. Then there’s the convenience of how you actually get the water into your glass or bottle. With this dispenser, you just hold your receptacle under the nozzle and in it goes. With a larger jug, you have to lift it up; and it could be heavy, depending on the size). And if you’re pouring it into a bottle, you may need a funnel, or have to pour very slowly and carefully. No such worries with this dispenser.

Negative aspects and why this type and model of alkaline water purifier is not for you:

It’s an effort to refill
No-one’s saying it’s a huge, mammoth effort. But yeah, it’s big, so you have to lug it into the sink and leave the water running for a while. Then lifting it up and onto the countertop or into the fridge can be quite heavy work for a less strong person. If that sounds like a concern then a water ionizer machine, plumbed into your water supply, would be your best option, for maximum convenience.

It’s not… pretty
It looks fine. Absolutely fine. But it is what it is, a big plastic box filled with water. Some people may feel that a big, plastic box filled with water doesn’t quite go with their kitchen. Others won’t care. For those that do, check out the best tabletop alkaline water machine on our list. It’s a looker.

Where can you check it out?

Here’s where to see price, specification and more info.

Table top alkaline water dispenser

pH Recharge Glass Dispenser

Pros and who needs this :

Look at it! It’s kind of lovely
It’s another highly subjective thing, sure, but we think it looks great. It’s simple, elegantly designed. The glass and wood are both high quality. It’s a nice object, at home in your living room, dining room or kitchen.

The stand makes it more convenient to pour drinks
You have more options on where to place it with the stand. Because the spigot is raised off the bottom of the unit, you can put the dispenser anywhere, including the middle of a table top or countertop. Almost all other dispensers have the spigot at the bottom, so you have to place the unit at the edge of whatever surface you want to keep it on.

Similarly high quality taste and water quality
It’s that pH001 filter again. It’s a remineralising filter, meaning it adds calcium, magnesium, selenium and other health-giving minerals to the water. And this results in tasty water. We felt it’s even tastier than the pH Recharge plastic dispenser (reviewed above), maybe because this water is stored in glass, rather than plastic? Which should hopefully encourage you to drink more, improving your health. It’s a 0.5 micron filter, meaning it filters out a ton of impurities like silt, sand, rust and dirt. As well as heavy metals and contaminants like fluoride and chlorine. FYI, it also made our list of the best countertop water filters UK.

Space-saving design
Most dispensers are flatter and wider, meaning they take up more space. Of course, that means this pH Restore glass dispenser takes up more space in terms of height, it’s not magic. But given that you’re likely to be interested in this specific water filter for it’s shapeliness and overall look, you’re probably okay with that.

Cons and possible reasons why this is not your best choice:

It’s a little heavy compared to many dispensers
I mean, of course it is. It’s made with glass and wood; whereas most are made from ultra-lightweight plastic. It’s around 3kg in weight, and of course considerably more than that when it’s filled with water.

Some assembly required
You have to put the wooden base unit together yourself. But don’t worry, it takes literally 5 minutes, if that. It’s just holding the pieces together and putting a few screws in.

Where can you get it?

Check it out right here.

best water ionizer

Alkadrops Water Ionizer

Positives and reasons this model would be right for you:

It produces ionized water
This is the only type of alkaline water machine that produced ionized, alkaline water. The other ones output alkaline water, but it’s not ionized. This is the only one that’s really an alkaline water machine.

Even apart from ionization, this is the safest, healthiest water (arguably of any water filter system, though the best filtration is through a Reverse Osmosis system)
Here’s how it works. Water is innately healthy (assuming clean water, of course). Then, a level up, is water with high mineral content – minerals like magnesium, potassium and calcium have many beneficial aspects on our bodies. Then, some believe (including Tony Robbins) that ionized, alkaline water is the absolute best for your health. Because the water’s alkalinity reduces the acid content in your body. Then the ionized nature of the water reduces its Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). That means the water has far more antioxidants than normal water. So say proponents of this type of water; we encourage you to do your own research.

Great value
This is by far the cheapest price we’ve ever seen a (quality) water ionization machine in the UK. In our testing – we found that it does the 2 key jobs it’s supposed to do: making the water more alkaline, and reducing the ORP level.

Quality activated carbon filter
As filters go, we like activated carbon (see activated carbon filters reviews UK). They’re very highly porous, meaning they have a ton of surface area and “stickiness” with which to grab harmful impurities from the water. Like chlorine, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, PFAS, Fluoride (see fluoride filters reviews UK), and heavy metals like mercury.

Downsides and why it may not suit you:

It’s the most expensive of the options in this article
We’ve said that it’s phenomenal value for a water ionization machine, and it is. But compared to to the other alkaline water “machines” in this article, it’s the most costly by far. If you just want alkaline water, this is the most expensive way to get it.

Other water ionizers can achieve lower ORP
The ORP level of the Alakadrop alkaline water machine is -500, that’s certainly decent, and good enough that this water is very healthy. But the top of the range machines can each an Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) of around 0800 to -1000 ORP and even more. But be aware that those ionizers will cost several thousand pounds.

If it’s right for you, where to buy it?

You can see it on Amazon here.

Best Alkaline Water Machine UK Summary

That was our deep dive into the Best Alkaline Water Machine UK.

We identified the top model in each different type of alkaline water filter jug, dispenser or machine.

We talked about which aspects we liked and disliked about each one.

The no.1 alkaline water filter/pitcher jug was the pH Restore filter jug. The best dispenser was the pH Recharge dispenser. The winner in the table top category was the pH Recharge glass dispenser. And finally, the winning water ionizer (the only true machine) was the Alkadrops water ionizer.

Another option for healthier water is hydrogen water. Here are the top hydrogen water machines/bottles in the UK.

Throughout the reviews, we analysed how each different type can be used, and how you can make your choice, depending on what your needs are.