Best Water Filter For Fluoride UK

It’s an interesting one on Water Filter Geek today. We’re checking out the Best Water Filter For Fluoride UK.

These filters do exactly what they sound like, they remove Fluoride from the water. And all of them remove a bunch of other impurities in your water as well.

The top filter jug for removing Fluoride is the Klar Fluoride Water Filter Pitcher. The best under-sink filter is the Frizzlife PX500-A. The best dispenser filter is the ZeroWater 20 Cup Water Dispenser. And finally, the best gravity water filter for Fluoride is the British Berkefeld, Doulton Gravity Water Fluoride Filter System.

best filter jug

Klar Fluoride Water Filter Pitcher

Capacity: 3.5L
Fluoride Removed: Yes
Other contaminants removed: PFOA, microplastics
Filtration type: Activated Carbon

best under-sink filter for fluoride

Frizzlife PX500-A Reverse Osmosis Filter

Capacity: 1,892L
Fluoride Removed: Yes
Other contaminants removed: Over 1000 (including lead, heavy metals, chloramine, chlorine, hormones)
Filtration type: Reverse Osmosis

Best dispenser

ZeroWater Dispenser Filter

Capacity: 4.7L
Fluoride Removed: Yes
Other contaminants removed: PFOA and PFOS, TDS, lead, chromium
Filtration type: Ion exchange

best gravity water filter to remove fluoride

British Berkefeld Ultra Fluoride 8.5L System

Capacity: 8.5L
Fluoride Removed: Yes
Other contaminants removed: Lead, VOCs, chlorine, heavy metals, bacteriea
Filtration type: Gravity water filter

Here’s how we chose the top water filters to remove fluoride.

We rated them based on:

  • How well they actually remove Fluoride and how consistently they’re able to do so
  • How long the filter lasts before needing replaced
  • Build quality of the unit itself
  • After-service offered by the supplier
  • How well they remove all kinds of contaminants

Most importantly, we’ll discuss how well they meet your needs and how you can choose the one that is best for you.

Best Water Filter For Fluoride: Category Winners

best water filter for fluoride uk

Water Filter To Remove Fluoride Reviews

Here are our ratings and reviews for each model, with the positive and negative aspects of each one.

Use this info to decide which type you need. These were our top testing models in each category.

best filter jug

Klar Fluoride Water Filter Pitcher

Pros and who needs this type of filter:

Multiple filter types make this easily the best filter jug for removing Fluoride
Most filter have one or two filter media. They may have activated carbon filter and maybe an ion exchange resin. But they also have mineral balls and several more filtration stages. That’s the reason why this filter jug can remove considerably more Fluoride than other similar pitchers.

It also filter hormones (pharmaceutical residues)
Plenty of filters are good at removing chemicals like Chlorine and lead, but removing hormones is a lot more rare. But that’s what the Klar Fluoride Filter Pitcher can do. Normally it’s only highly expensive filtration systems like Reverse Osmosis filter systems that can remove hormones from water.

Changes pH to alkaline
This Fluoride filter jug moves the pH of your water to alkaline, aroundpH8 to pH9. There’s a growing body of scientific evidence showing that drinking alkaline water has health benefits that make it superior to more acidic water. For example, some say that it can help neutralise acid in your bloodstream, giving more protection from heart disease and cancer. And that it can slow the aging process, improve blood flow and boost your immune system.

It can filter microplastics as well
Again, not many filter jugs have this function, certainly not with such efficiency. Consumption of microplastics in drinking water can increase exposure to harmful chemicals which damage your body. So it’s a bonus that this filter removes them, as well as Fluoride.

Cons and why this type is not right for you:

Using this option means plenty of refilling required
With a 3.5L capacity it’s not a small jug by any means. But naturally, with this option you’ll be refilling it fairly often. That is, compared to your other options for Fluoride water filters. If you want genuinely automatic, already-done filtered water, then the under-sink option is the one for you, the Frizzlife Reverse Osmosis water filter.

The filter lifespan is only 2 months
Klar reckon this filter lasts twice as long as other filter jugs. But in terms of the various filter types listed on this page (dispenser, under-sink and gravity fed filters), the other filter types last many months longer. With the Klar filter jug, you’ll be replacing the filter at least every 2 months.

It’s the lowest cost option for truly successful removal of Fluoride; but it’s still not cheap
Of your best options for removing Fluoride from the water in your house listed in this article, this filter jug is the cheapest. But if you just want a reasonable quality filter jug, you can certainly get one for cheaper than this price. Weigh up the importance of Fluoride removal (as well as microplastics and hormones), the healthier alkalinity of the water produced by this jug, and decide if the extra expense is worth it.

Where to get it?

Here’s a full Klar water filter review.

Here’s the lowest priced seller we could find, right here.

best under-sink filter for fluoride

Frizzlife PX500-A Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Advantages and who this is right for :

So much more than just Fluoride removal; Reverse Osmosis filters are by a distance the best water filters in the world
We’ve written extensively about why reverse osmosis filters are so good. Their multi-stage filters remove far more contaminants and impurities than any other filter. It removes 1000+ contaminants; and it’s not just that it removes the largest number of different types of different contaminants, it’s that it removes so much of them. For many impurities, it’ll remove 90% plus and even up to 99.9%. That can make an enormous difference to the healthiness and safety of the water. That’s where a high quality reverse osmosis filter like this one is so superior to other filter types. So what contaminants are removed? Chloramine, lead, heavy metals, VOCs, chlorine, TDS, hormones, and of course Fluoride. And a lot, lot more.

Produces the healthiest water, due to the remineralisation filter
The Frizzlife PX500-A reverse osmosis filter has a remineralisation filter. So basically what this filter does is first removes all the bad chemicals and excess minerals and hard metals, and filters the other contaminants mentioned above. Then… it puts a safe healthy amount of health-improving minerals back into the water. It uses natural, elemental stones to do so.

Makes the water more alkaline
Like the Klar Fluoride filter pitcher, the water that passes through the filter is more alkaline. The Frizzlife PX500-A water is at least pH7.5 or even higher. FYI, it’s not so simple that a higher pH means better, it’s just that water from pH 7 to pH 9 is believed by many people to have major health benefits, including to our blood flow and immune system, as well as giving better hydration and improving our metabolism and skin quality.

Most hassle-free option
After the initial installation (which we’ll discuss below), this is definitely the most effortless and hassle-free way to get Fluoride water. It’s fitted to your water system, under-sink. So the water that comes out of your tap has already been filtered. That means you can simply use your tap as normal, and get healthier, safer water as standard. You don’t need to regularly refill a receptacle (be it a jug, dispenser or large container) as you do with the other Fluoride filter options we’ve reviewed on this page.

Cons and why this model is not the best option for you:

Needs installation
The other options are basically receptacles that you fill the water. This reverse osmosis filter is the only one that needs plumbed into your water supply. While that makes it the most hassle-free option as mentioned above; it’s done its job by the time you turn on your tap to use the water and is there for you to use. But there is an up-front hassle of installing it in the first place. If you’re reasonably handy it’s not too difficult to install yourself. The instructions are good, and you can do in within a couple of hours. If you’re not or you don’t fancy the challenge, you may need to get a plumber, which is an additional cost.

It’s expensive
The major benefits of the healthiest possible water (for reasons mentioned above), and the most hassle-free way to have it available to you, straight from your tap, comes at a considerable price. And don’t forget the expense to your time, if you install it yourself; or to your wallet, if you get it installed professionally.

We’ve reviewed the top reverse osmosis systems in the UK (and Frizzlife was the winner).

Where can I get it?

You can check it out at lowest cost, on Amazon, here.

Best dispenser

ZeroWater Filter Dispenser

Positives and why this may be the right option for you:

As well as Fluoride removal, TDS removal is great too
The ZeroWater filter removes up to 99% of TDS. TDS is the Total concentration of Dissolved Solids in the water. They’re mostly made up of inorganic salts and some organic matter. For example, some TDS are sodium, potassium, carbonates, sulphates and chlorides. Too high levels of some TDS are harmful to health; the ZeroWater filter does a good job of removing them.

5-stage filtration process is really good for this type of filter
It can’t match a reverse osmosis filter, as we said in the Frizzlife Fluoride filter review above. But for a dispenser filter, it offers very high quality filtration, we were impressed. It had 90% plus filtration for several contaminants. For example, 99% removal of lead and chromium; as well as 94% removal of PFOA/PFOS. That’s really solid filtering.

Great tasting water
In our testing and analysis, our results found the ZeroWater filter to be the best for the taste of the water. It tastes like spring water, fresh and smooth.

Disadvantages and who this type is not suitable for:

For a dispenser, it’s not that big
4.7L size is decent, but it’s not that much bigger than the filter jug on our list in this article. That does mean it’s not going to be too hard to move around. And it may be the better and more convenient option for some people as it dispenses the water from a spout, so you don’t have to lift it up, as you would with the filter pitcher.

It doesn’t make the water more alkaline
It certainly improves the safety and health of the water. But it doesn’t increase the alkalinity of the water extensively, as a couple of the other Fluoride filters do. Bear in mind, though, that it’s not as clear cut as: water that’s slightly acidic is automatically bad and water that’s alkaline is good. The situation is more nuanced. Acidic water can be very healthy in certain ways.

The included TDS meter is not the best quality
We found it okay as an approximation but not as accurate as professional equipment; therefore we’re not sure how helpful it is. Perhaps just treat it as what it is – a free tool that gives a rough estimate.

Where can you get it?

You can see it here.

best gravity water filter to remove fluoride

British Berkefeld Gravity Water Filter Ultra Fluoride 8.5L System

Pros and who needs this Fluoride filter type:

It’s made specifically for removing Fluoride
That’s its raison d’etre (reason to be). It’s tested and proven to remove 99% of Fluoride up to 1950ppm. That makes it one of the most efficient Fluoride filters on the market in the UK. That makes it perhaps the best option after the reverse osmosis filter (the best filter), if you’re really keen to remove pretty much all the Fluoride. And at around half the price of the Frizzlife PX500-A reverse osmosis water filtration system.

Long-lasting Filters
Each candle filter lasts for 1500L of water usage. That makes it more than 4 times longer lasting than the Klar Water filter. For most people, then, you only need to replace the filter once every 8-12 months, depending on your water usage.

Also highly efficient for removing other contaminants
it’s not just about Fluoride removal, even though that’s what it’s made for. As with the other filters on this page it can remove many other kinds of contaminants. Specifically bacteria, cysts, chlorine, lead and organic particles.

Reliable, robust, well-proven filtering method
Gravity fed filters are on of the most efficient in general, and British Berkefeld are the best brand. They’re used by the US military as well as many of the world’s top aid and relief organisations and charities. So you can certainly trust how well these Fluoride filters work, how well made they are, and how hard-wearing they are. The steel container is made from surgical-grade stainless steel, and a unique microfilter with activated carbon is the reason for its extremely high Fluoride removal efficiency.

It’s convenient to use
Fill it with untreated water at the top. And your filtered, safe water comes out of the spigot at the bottom. 8.5L is a plentiful supply, so you won’t need to refill it as often as a dispenser or jug. And there’s no initial installation either.

Negatives and why it’s not a good fit for you:

The replacement filters are expensive
The Fluoride candle filters work really well, as described above. But you’re going to have to pay for the privilege, with each replacement filter costing around £35. But also remember that they’re long-lasting, so it could be that you only need to pay for filters once per year.

It’s very large and not as easy on the eye as a dispenser or filter jug
It’s dimensions are: Height: 500mm/Width: 265mm. The simple fact is that a water container that fits 8.5L is going to be large. So it’s not something that blends easily into your kitchen like the ZeroWater dispenser or the Klar Filter jug. And it’s not hidden away under the sink like the Frizzlife filter.

It’s expensive
Around half the cost of a reverse osmosis Fluoride filter, but that’s still a hefty chunk of change. It’s one of the best filters on the UK market, not just for Fluoride but for removing all kinds of bugs, parasites and impurities, like heavy metals. Weigh up if that’s something you’re willing to invest in.

Where to check it out?

We found the seller with the lowest price in the UK, here.

How to pick your Water Filter for Fluoride?

Here’s some help to make your choice.

How efficient do you need the Fluoride filtration to be?

The winners in each category were the ones that performed best for Fluoride removal. Then we considered other factors.

The most efficient filter is the Frizzlife reverse osmosis filter. No other kind of filtering can match these.

The British Berkefeld is also very highly efficient, and by a distance the best of the gravity fed water filters for removing Fluoride.

The Klar Water filter comes next; they have a unique filtering process (including a high quality activated charcoal water filter), we were impressed with how much Fluoride their system was able to remove.

The ZeroWater system was the least effective, but still the most effective of the dispensers on the UK market.

Do you just need drinking water filtered or would you prefer all the water from your tap to be filtered?

If it’s just reduced Fluoride drinking water you need, then the jug, dispenser and gravity fed ceramic container provide a way to hold water, which you can then obtain water from.

But if you’d like all the water you use from your tap, for washing fruits, vegetables and other foods for example, to be low in Fluoride, then you’ll need the under-sink option, the Frizzlife reverse osmosis filter.

Looking for other kinds of water filter?

Here are the top water filter systems UK. Worried about hormones as well? Here are the best filter systems for removing hormones (the Frizzlife reverse osmosis system is the winner for doing that as well!).

Do you have hard water (an excess of minerals like calcium and magnesium)? Then check out the Water Softener Reviews UK.

Or consider the UK’s most eco-friendly water filter jug, by checking out our Phox V2 water filter review.

Best Water Filter To Remove Fluoride UK Summary

That’s it for our analysis of the best water filter for Fluoride UK.

We found the best filter for each category. Klar Fluoride Water Filter was the best jug; Frizzlife PX500-A was the best under-sink type; ZeroWater was the best dispenser; and finally, British Berkefeld Doulton Fluoride 8.5L system was the best gravity fed filter system.

We also discussed throughout the pros and cons of each system, how it works, how well it filters Fluoride and other contaminants and how it should be used. Not only that, we also considered ease of use and installation.

Hopefully that information allowed you to come to a conclusion about the Fluoride removing filter that best meets your needs.