Best Water Filter System UK

Welcome to another investigation, this time we’re checking out the Best Water Filter System UK.

We all know the water we use in our homes isn’t perfect. People are increasingly becoming aware of excess chemicals in our water, as well as an overabundance of minerals. Then there’s the impurities, microplastics, viruses and bacteria.

Lots of us turn to bottled water, but that’s a cost that just creeps up and up over time. And it’s not great for the environment either.

Luckily, we have plenty of options to filter our water and make it healthier and safer to use in our homes. And hopefully even tastier to drink as well.

A high quality filter system provides the better quality of water you need, and saves you money in the long run, compared to buying bottled water.

best water filter system uk

Best Water Filter System UK List

Here are the best options for each type of water filter available in the UK.

We describe how to choose the right one for you, and the pros and cons of each option.

best water filter jug

Zero Water 10 Cup Water Filter Jug

Who needs this?

For people who simply want healthier, safer water to drink in their home.

  • Lowest cost option by far
  • Provides cleaner, safer and healthier water for you to drink
  • Doesn’t use up any power
  • There’s no need to install it
  • You have to refill the jug fairly often (other options allow a constant stream of already-filtered water when needed)
  • Capacity: 2L
  • Dimensions: 12.3L x 6W x 11.6H centimetres
  • Weight: 1.8kg
  • NSF Certified
best gravity fed water filter

British Berkefeld Gravity Fed Water Filter

Who needs this?

For those who want a fairly large supply of clean, filtered water for the home, on a camping trip, in a holiday home/villa/cottage.

  • Still cheaper than Reverse Osmosis and Whole House Water Filters
  • No power required
  • No installation required
  • Lightweight and robust materials
  • Trusted by major aid organisations and the US military
  • High quality ceramic filters
  • Requires occasional refilling (not a constant stream connected to your water supply)
  • Capacity: 8.5L
  • Dimensions: 26.5L x 26.5W x 50H centimetres
  • Weight: 2.8kg
best reverse osmosis filter

Frizzlife PX500-A

Who needs this?

For people who want the best possible filtration of impurities and contaminants via a constantly available supply from their taps.

  • Filtration is to the 0.00001 micron level. That’s extremely good filtration.
  • It’s fitted under sink, and so the water that comes from your tap is already filtered and readily available.
  • Provides the most healthy water due to the remineralisation filter (which puts back essential minerals that had been removed in the filtration process.)
  • The most expensive kind of water filter (but this Frizzlife model is excellent value compared to some on the market that are £1k plus.)
  • Requires installation (but it’s not too hard.)
  • Capacity: 500 Gallons per day
  • 35.6L x 45.7W x 12.7H centimetres
  • Weight: 12.1kg

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Do I Need a Water Filter?

If you feel like you don’t really trust the tap water in your area, or you believe there may be an excess of chemicals or contaminants, a water filter can be the solution.

You may have been drinking bottled water but this gets more and more expensive over time, and it’s harmful to the environment (7.7bn plastic water bottles are used each year in the UK). More than half of these are for single use.

Installing an under sink or whole house water filter can provide you with a constant supply of clean, healthy water.

And a water filter jug or gravity-fed water filter can filter the water you put in it, providing cleaner, tastier water.

What Kind of Water Filter Do I Need?

There are dozens of different types of water filter. Each type has their own strong and weak points, and each is suitable for a different specific water filtration need.

For example, do you need your entire home’s water supply to be filtered? If so, you’ll need a water filtration system that connects to your home’s water supply at the point of entry (as opposed to the point of use eg. a tap). Whole house filter systems will meet this need.

Do you just need a water filter for drinking water? If so, then a water filter jug or gravity-fed filter can meet your needs. You’ll just need to make sure you refill it as needed.

Do you want your kitchen tap to provide a constant stream of already-filtered water? In that case an inline water filter filters the water before it reaches your tap. The filtration process for that type of filter is moderate. If you want excellent filtration, a Reverse Osmosis filter also goes under sink, and can provide 99.99% filtration.

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How Do I Know The Level of Filtration I Need?

If you just have a general sense that the water quality that’s supplied to your home is not the best and you want to make it safer, then a water filter jug, a gravity filter system or a simple in-line water filter can meet your needs.

If there is a specific contaminant that you know is present in your water, then you need to look at the filtration capabilities in order to choose the right filter for you.

For example, if you’re aware of an excess of hormones in your water supply, then only a Reverse Osmosis system will provide the right type of filtration to remove them.

Which Contaminants Are Removed By These Water Filters?

Each water filter removes different kinds of contaminants and have a different micron level of filtration.

A high quality water filter jug has filter media with good ability to remove some kinds of contaminants, even on a pour-through basis.

The ZeroWater Filter jug, for example, is very strong at removing TDSs (Total Dissolved Solids). TDSs are various minerals, salts, and metals that are dissolved in water. For example, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, bicarbonates, sulfates, organic matter. This jug removes up to 99.6% of this kind of contaminant. And it’s also very effective (99% plus) at removing lead and chromium, effective at removing toxic PFOA/PFOS (94%), which the UK is “flying blind” about.

These types of filter can remove several hundred contaminants.

A Reverse Osmosis system, such as the Frizzlife PX500-A, however, can remove thousands of contaminants.

As well as TDSs, it removes fluoride, chlorine, chloramine, lead and similar metals. It can even remove substances like arsenic, mercury, selenium, nickel and algae.

It’s exceptional filtration capabilities allows it remove up to 99.99% of these contaminants. No other filter type can match this ability.

Is an eco-friendly water filter important to you?

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Another option?

Apart from these filter types, you can also consider these: the best water filter for tap UK.

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April 2023 Update:

A new type of filter system is growing in popularity; here are the Best Alkaline Water Machines UK.

Best Water Filter System Summary

Hopefully, you now understand your options for filtering the water in your home.

We looked at the different type of water filter, the pros and cons of each, and who may be best suited for each one.

Those are the best water filter systems in the UK in 2022.

We also talked about how good the filtration is for each option. We saw that water filter jugs are highly able to deal with TDSs, and that reverse osmosis systems are required if there are hormones, heavy metals or PFASs in the water.

Enjoy whichever system you use, enjoy your cleaner and safer water.