Best Under Sink Water Filter UK

Today on your recommended programming, we’re checking out the Best Under Sink Water Filter UK.

You’re likely here because you know your water supply needs improving. Or at least you know, that there are options out there to improve your home’s water.

And what do you want from us? Well, we’ll lay to it being that you want to know where you can get the highest quality filter at the most reasonable price.

You’d also like to know what the filter will actually do to your water according to the manufacturer. Then, whether it actually does what it says on the tin.

And finally, perhaps some guidance as to how you can decide between the best options you have available to you for this kind of water filter.

The best option for an under sink filter with a tap included is the Frizzlife MP99. The top budget choice is the Waterdrop 10UA model. And the best reverse osmosis filter is the Frizzlife PD600.

under sink filter with tap

Frizzlife MP99 Under Sink Water Filter (Extra Faucet Version)

Filter size: 0.5 micron
Valve size: 3/8 in (9.5mm) (you’ll need to buy a 1/2in (12.7mm) adaptor separately)
Capacity: 8000 Gallons
Filter Lifespan: 12 months
Flow rate: 1.4gpm
Weight: 2kg
Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 34cm (LxWxH)

best budget under sink water filter

Waterdrop 10UA Under Sink Filter System

Filter size: 0.5 micron
Valve size: 3/8 in (9.5mm) & 1/2in (12.7mm)
Capacity: 8000 Gallons
Filter Lifespan: 12 months
Flow rate: 0.75gpm
Weight: 1.4kg
Dimensions: 9.1 x 9.1 x 31.2cm (LxWxH)

reverse osmosis filter (under sink)

Frizzlife PD600 Reverse Osmosis

Filter size: 0.0001 micron
Output: 600 Gallons per day
Flow rate: 0.48gpm
Weight: 13.2kg
Dimensions: 38.9 x 39.9 x 24.1 cm (LxWxH)

As the go-to people for water filters guidance in the UK, we’ve gone deep on these under sink filters. Here are the ones that met our minimum requirements in terms of quality, and how we ranked them.

We rated and reviewed them according to:

  • Quality of the filter unit, and components
  • Effectiveness of the filtration process
  • Number of different impurities removed
  • Type of under sink filter (different types for different needs)
  • Type of filtration processes
  • How simple (or otherwise) it was to install it

We’ll also cover how you can decide which one is most suitable for your home and your needs.

Best in Category: Under Sink Water Filter

best under sink water filter

Under Sink Filter System Reviews

Let’s check out the best of these system types in depth.

Here’s where we describe what we liked and didn’t like in our tests.

under sink filter with tap

Frizzlife MP99

Pluses and who it’s the right filter system for:

Surprisingly large impact on taste
We found it really improves the taste of the water. If you’ve had issues with odor and other impurities, generally you’ll see an effect on the water’s taste, even if it’s subtle. This filter does a really solid job of improving the taste. And a noticeably improved taste is a pretty clear sign that its doing its job to filter the water and improve its quality. Any chlorine smell or taste is particularly well removed.

Simple, intuitive installation for many tap types
… and don’t take that as a given for this type of product. For some product types, fairly simple installation is just how it should be, and isn’t that difficult to achieve. But for those of us in the water filter industry, it’s not really the case. Just check out a decent selection of under sink water filters and you’ll find plenty of complaints about installation, and how it didn’t work for many people’s tap types. Frizzlife have clearly put in the hard yards to make sure the MP99 fits as many under sink systems as possible, and as simply as possible.

Higher quality filtration than is normal for this product type (via a two-stage filter)
Normally, under sink filters of this type have a single filter, but the Frizzlife MP99 has two. A block carbon filter and a sediment filter. Why is that important? Well, as you’d imagine, 2 stages of filtration filter more effectively. The other advantage is that the sediment filter removes a chunk of contaminants, so that the carbon filter gets less gunk lodged in it. Less gunk means it works better over time. And lasts longer.

The tap’s a good un’
Reassuring heft, and good build quality. It’s stainless steel, with brushed nickel finish.

Cons and reasons it’s not the best solution for you:

It won’t solve a water hardness problem
This a good quality filter, and can remove up to 99.9% of contaminants like chlorine, VOCs, chromium, mercury, lead. But if your issue is limescale and other problems with having hard water, this isn’t a solution (so how do you soften hard water?). Or skip straight to the only real solution, by checking out these water softeners reviews UK.

It doesn’t fit 1/2inch pipes (without buying an extra adaptor)
This is a pretty poor oversight on the part of Frizzlife. 1/2 inch pipes are common in the UK, so why not just include this adaptor? If that’s the size of your piping, it’ll be around an extra £10 for the adaptor, you can check it out it here, on Amazon.

Where can you get it?

You can check it out on Amazon, here.

best budget under sink water filter

Waterdrop 10UA

Pros and who needs this:

Outstanding value
We chose it as the budget pick of the best under sink water filters for a reason. We’ll go on to discuss a few of these aspects in more detail, but with a high capacity, 12 month filter lifespan, solid filtration capabilities. No-one’s saying it’s just pennies, but the quality is really good for this price.

The filter includes KDF filtrations
The activated carbon block filter and PP membrane filter are relatively standard for modern water filters. The KDF filter is something normally seen in much more expensive systems. KDF stands for Kintetic Degradation Fluxion. This method typically uses high-purity copper-zinc beads that are highly effective at reducing contaminants.

Long-lasting filters
We found that many people are getting as much as 12 months lifespan from these filters. That means not only is the up-front cost very decent but your long-term costs are low too. And we appreciate the lower hassle compared to changing the filter every 3 months too.

Cons and why this model is not for you:

Beware of an inaccuracy in some online marketplace listings
We noticed in a couple of places, this filter is described as using reverse osmosis filtration. It absolutely does NOT.

Flow rate is decent, but not great
At 0.75gpm, it’s not turgid, you’re not going to want to tear the thing out in frustration. It’s just that the (more expensive) Frizzlife models, like the MP99 we reviewed above, is faster at 1.4gpm.

Where to check it out?

Here’s where to see price and specs on Amazon.

reverse osmosis filter (under sink)

Frizzlife PD600 Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Positives and who will need this:

It’s really next level filtration
Reverse osmosis is far and away the most effective type of filtration in the world. This is what’s used at an industrial level. This is the type of filtration that filters nearly all contaminants, according to Forbes. It can filter asbestos, lead, and literally hundreds of other impurities.

It makes the water more Alkaline
Alkaline means a pH level higher than 7. The higher the better isn’t quite true, but certainly it seems there are benefits if your water is in the pH7-10 range. The modern diet is reportedly too high in acid; alkaline water can provide a counterbalance. If you’ve not heard much about alkaline water and its health benefits (such as gastrointestinal benefits, and slower aging and improved bone health, read up on it. Some say it can neutralise acid in your bloodstream. But others say it’s not that much healthier than normal water; alkaline water is not proven beyond all doubt to be unequivocally better than normal water.

Excellent build quality
And attention to the little details is there in a big way. The integrated waterway is a really nice addition, giving much improved protection from leaks. For a reverse osmosis filter system, it’s really quite small. Many of these systems necessarily required big tanks. But this Frizzlife system has fast enough flow rate to go without a tank at all.

It produces the most health-enhancing water
Not just the safest water, but also the healthiest water. Why? Because of the remineralisation filter. As part of the extremely intensive and effective filtration process, pretty much all the TDSs (Total Dissolved Solids) are removed, including health-giving minerals like calcium and magnesium. But the Frizzlife PD600 reverse osmosis filter has a remineralisation filter that adds back healthy minerals like those, in generous and entirely safe quantities. And since those minerals are what heavily influence the water’s taste, that improves considerably too. High mineral content + low harmful impurities = the healthiest, safest and ultimately best tasting water.

Cons and why this model is not for you:

It produces waste water
The PD600 produces around 1.5L of purified water for every 1 Litre of waste water. That’s actually good for a reverse osmosis under sink water filter system (some of which have a 1:1 ratio and often much poorer than that)… but it’s still a lot of waste water. Not great for the environment, then.

It’s a costly investment
This kind of outlay (several hundred £s) is high enough that’s it’s what you could call an investment. It’s without question the safest and best quality water. But you’ll need to evaluate if you’re willing to pay such a high price for that.

Fairly slow flow rate
A little less than 0.5 Gallons per minute makes it a lot slower than the Frizzlife MP99 under sink filter. Frankly, it’s the price you’ll have to pay if you want this level of filtration quality (and again, it’s faster than almost all other filter systems of this kind). Don’t be too concerned, it’s still not that slow that it’s unusable, at least for most people.

Where in the UK can you get it?

Here’s where you can see the PD600 price on Amazon.

How to choose your under sink water filter?

Here’s how you can decide between these option, to pick the best filter for you.

Do you need a separate tap?

If you want to keep your existing taps, and use a new tap specifically for filtered water, the MP99 comes with a nice quality tap.

Otherwise, if you want all the water coming from your existing tap, you can get the Waterdrop 10UA, and all the water coming out will be filtered. Just remember, flow rate will be reduced compared to before.

FYI, there are also some non-under sink options – water filters that you attach to your tap. And check out some other options for a water filter system.

How poor is your existing water quality?

If you don’t particularly have poor water quality, you probably don’t need to shell out for an expensive reverse osmosis system like the Frizzlife PD600.

The MP99 or 10UA filters will have enough filtration powers for most needs.

If you do feel you need a reverse osmosis the PD600 is the best on the market (it’s near-idential but slightly smaller brother, the PX500-A was rated our best reverse osmosis water filter system UK.)

Do these under sink filters reduce TDS?

No, and you don’t want them to.

TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids. That includes beneficial minerals like potassium, calcium and magnesium.

So you don’t want them to be reduced, they’re crucial for your health.

Now you do want the bad TDSs to be removed. And that’s the whole point of getting a good quality filter like these ones. They remove the bad TDSs and keep the good ones.

That’s what you need to get better quality, safer water.

Best Under Sink Water Filter UK Summary

Those, then, are the best under sink water filters in the UK.

Hopefully, you’re now better educated about what these filter types can actually do, and the pros and cons of each type.

The Frizzlife MP99 was the top choice for an under sink filter with a tap. The Waterdrop 10UA is your best budget choice. And the Frizzlife PD600 is the best reverse osmosis type water filter.

The MP99 and Waterdrop 10UA offer high quality filtration at a lower price, especially the Waterdrop model. And if you really want the safest possible water, then the PD600 is the one for you.

Good luck with your decision, whatever you go for.