Klar Water Filter Review

Our special of the day is… a Klar Water Filter Review.

Regular readers will know this filter has popped up a few times on our radar, so we wanted to do a full analysis and get to grips with what this one offers.

As you’ll go on to read, it’s pitched (pun intended) as a good option for removing Fluoride, among other things, from your water. We analyse whether those claims are backed up and test the product according to several key criteria.

By the way, you can check out pricing and specs here, on Amazon.

Here are some basis specs and important pieces of information about the Klar filter, check them out and read on!

Klar Water Filter Jug

  • Capacity: 3.5L
  • Weight: 1.3kg
  • Replaceable Filter lifespan: 2 months or 350L

What was the key criteria that formed the basis?

We tested it for:

  • Functions – what are the main advantages you get in terms of water filtration
  • Quality of the filtration methods used and how well they performed in tests
  • Usability – how easy is it to use, taking into account factors like filter longevity, and ease of filter replacement
  • Material and filter quality
klar water filter review

Rating the Klar Water Filter Pitcher

Here’s the results of our tests; in what ways did it perform well and in what ways did it disappoint?

Klar Water Filter

Pros and what type of buyer needs it will meet:

Excellent for Fluoride removal
For more and more people, filtering Fluoride out of their water is their main goal when buying a water filter. We found the Klar filter pitcher to have excellent ability to remove Fluoride; unlike too many of the supposed Fluoride filters on the market, these claims are backed up in reality. Water fluoridation is a controversial topic, but there’s no doubt that an increasing number of people are taking action on it.

The double boon of remineralisation and alkaline water
We have plentiful information about alkaline water (for example, rating the best kinds of alkaline water machines) and its benefits on this site, and its surging popularity in the UK and around the world. There’s an appreciable increase in the pH of the water coming out of the Klar jug, in other words, it becomes alkaline water. And the high quality filtration process adds the kinds of healthy minerals you want in the water, the likes of potassium, magnesium and zinc.

Real, respected filtration data proof back up this filter’s stated capabilities
Rock-solid, reliable filtration data from bona-fide labs, openly displayed, are far too thin on the ground in this game, trust us. But Klar show their test results, and those results are really good, removing an excellent 95% of Fluoride and very high 90s percentages of a host of other crucial contaminants. Why? The aforementioned excellent quality of the filter types used in this water pitcher. It uses one of the most highly-rated activated carbon water filter types.

The taste difference
We felt there was a real improvement in the taste of the water after it has been filtered by the Klar jug. As with all things, there may be a few people who don’t like the post-filtered taste, but the feedback we garnered suggests the vast majority of people find the taste is very nice (relatively speaking – this is water we’re talking about!)

What are the negative aspects:

Quite expensive for a jug
There are certainly cheaper filter pitchers on the market, including others with good all-round ability to remove a wide variety of impurities from the water. That said, the Klar water filter has very high percentages of contaminants removed, and the very high level of Fluoride removal has to be considered as is its ace in the pack.

Slightly lacking in eco-friendliness
In particular, compared to the likes of the Phox V2 filter jug, which excels in that respect. The filters are not reusable, and that means plastic wastage with each new filter you get.

Where to check it out?

Well, right here.

Klar Water Filter Review Summary

That concludes our Klar Water Filter Jug Review.

Hope it was helpful. As you read, it’s filtration capabilities are excellent, removing a wide range of contaminants, and most notably, an extremely high level of Fluoride. That’s rare for a water filter jug.

It costs a fair bit more than other jugs on the market, though. And doesn’t qualify as a particularly environmentally friendly choice.

And in fact, we rated it as the top-rated Fluoride filter in the jug category. Typically, it’s much more expensive, plumbed-in filters that excel in that regard.

Here’s where to check out the Klar filter pitcher, on Amazon.

All the best for your analysis and decision.