Water2Buy Review (W2B200 Water Softener)

Welcome! It’s water softeners time again, and specifically a Water2Buy review, of their W2B200 model.

We go deep on this, letting you know everything we liked and everything we didn’t like about this water softener.

As well as the strengths and weaknesses of the product itself, we’ll let you know about the company you’re buying from, Water2Buy. We’ve investigated what they’re all about, and how good is their aftercare and customer service.

We’ll cover ease (or otherwise!) of installation, and how likely you are to get long term usage out of this softener, the W2B200 (check price/specs on Amazon).

Let’s go!

Water2Buy Review (W2B200 Water Softener)

Introducing Water2Buy Review (W2B200 Water Softener)

Here it is:

Let’s check out this water softener in detail!

Capacity1,250L of water (per day)
No. people in householdUp to 4 people
Size of connection hoses22mm (3/4 in.)
Dimensions42 x 22 x 65cm
Install yourself?Yes

What We Liked About The Water2Buy Water Softener

Here are the aspects of the W2B200 that we liked:

Quality at low cost

The W2B200 is one of the top sellers in the UK market, and the Water Filter Geek team have noted its good reputation in this field. (That’s why we’ve rated it the second best water softener in the UK.) You’ll also find that online reviews in the vast majority of cases are very good.

It’s one of the cheapest water softeners on the market, and yet we’ve found that it works really well. When you’ve set it up, it’ll work to soften your water pretty much immediately, and it’ll do so properly. Many people are surprised how well it works (how water softeners work) and how quickly.

And don’t forget that you’ve even got a good chance of making your money back on it, in savings.

Here’s how:

Type of SavingsHow Do You Save?
Reduced central heating costsWater softeners remove and prevent future buildup of limescale from pipes. Limescale reduces the efficiency of your central heating system, so your heating costs are higher when you have hard water.
Lowered spending on soaps, detergentsThe W2B200 gives you softened water that allows for far better lathering of soaps and detergents. That can reduce your spend on them by up to 50%.
Lower appliance costsThe Water2Buy water softeners will prevents limescale forming on taps, sinks, kettles, washing machines and dishwashers, among others. That means you need to replace them far less often.

We’ve looked at all the pros and cons of water softeners, including cost considerations.

High capacity

It’ll provide 1,250 Litres of water per day. That’s plentiful in the vast majority of cases for up to 4 people.

Estimates on water usage can vary but a typical adult will use 120-160 L of water per day. That means 4 people will use 640L.

The W2B200 provides more than double that capacity of softened water.

Low maintenance

We’ve noticed a change in the water softeners market over the last 5 years or so. Makers have cottoned on to the fact that people want a low maintenance softener.

And with increased competition spurring manufacturers to make theirs the lowest maintenance one, the result is a win for us consumers!

The Water2Buy softener, as a result, is really low maintenance.

You have to replace salt occasionally, how often depends on how much water you used, and how hard your water is.

Most people will find that replacing the salt once a month is just fine.

The W2B200 has a built-in regeneration process. That basically means that it cleans itself, and it does so every day. You don’t have to worry about that.

But we still recommend you give the softener unit a clean anyway, maybe once per year will be fine.

Relatively small size

You’re going to want to fit your water softener as close as possible to the Point of Entry of water into your home.

Some people may have plenty of room there but others will need the softener to go into a kitchen cupboard.

The W2B200 will fit into most kitchen cupboards, though it’s unlikely to go under the kitchen sink due to the space taken up by under sink pipes and valves.

Simple installation

You can install the W2B200 water softener yourself, genuinely. Even if you’ve got no plumbing experience, you can do it. Though ideally you’d have some kind of DIY experience.

What really makes it simple is that the installation video provided by Water 2Buy is excellent. A lot of people have said they found it super helpful and far better than the instructions.

All houses have different water systems so there’s always a chance your system might make installation a little more complicated. If you think that may be the case you can get it installed by a plumber. But for the vast majority of people, you’ll be able to do it yourself.

What We Didn’t Like About The W2B200

The instruction manual

It’s not great. Just not the easiest to follow, and doesn’t have the clearest instructions for installation or for trouble-shooting.

To that end, we definitely recommend watching the video for installation, rather than using the written instructions. Even if you’re the type of person who prefers seeing it on paper, maybe make an exception in this case.

As for troubleshooting, you can call Water2Buy, their service and aftercare is widely reputed as excellent.

Be careful with hoses

Make sure you get the right type of hose for your water supply connection.

Some people have found that the hose recommended by Water2Buy didn’t fit their system.

So check the size and make sure it’s right for you.

Large households will need a bigger capacity

Don’t be tempted by the W2B200 low price if it’s not going to meet your water needs. If you have a household of 5 or 6, and particularly if it’s a growing family, you may need a bigger capacity than this model can provide.

If that’s the case, then the Water2Buy W2B500 can meet the water usage needs of up to 7 people.

While the W2B800, has large enough capacity for up to 10 people, providing as much as 3680 Litres.

Summing Up The Water2Buy Review (W2B200 Water Softener)

It’s a great product, we reckon. Especially for the price. You can easily pay £1000 plus for a water softener (here’s the lowdown on water softener cost prices), and this Water2Buy water softener costs a lot less than that, but is still high quality. With water softeners, lifespans are good too.

And we spoke earlier about how the softened water you’ll get from the W2B200 can lead to plenty of cost savings that add up over time. Meaning that it can potentially even pay for itself after as little as a couple of years.

Here’s where to see it on Amazon.

It really does the job of softening your water, and does so from the hour that it’s installed. It’s low maintenance, doesn’t use up much salt and will fit in most kitchen cupboards.

Just don’t rely too heavily on an instruction manual that is not the best (install using the video!).

Good luck with your decision, and enjoy your newly softened water.