Water Softener System UK Cost Price

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably identified that you have hard water. Maybe you’re already suffering from some of the consequences.

You’ve become aware that a water softener can fix this problem. So the next step, is how much will a water softener cost initially and over the course of it’s life.

Well that’s what we’re here for, questions like these. We are the water filter experts. As such, we’ll let you know what options you have, across the whole market. And we’ll only let you know the options that are quality; that will actually solve your hard water problem.

As for the cost, your timing is pretty good. The days of having to pay a thousand pounds or more are over; in 2022 in the UK, you can find a high quality water for significantly less than that. We know that, many people are doing just that every month.

water softener system uk cost price

Introducing Water Softener System UK Cost Price

Let’s get right into it, then. Let’s examine what your costs will be if you purchase a water softener system.

Water Softener System Price

Around £400~£2,000

For many years, and even up to around 5 years ago, you had to pay at least £1000 for a water softener. And in other countries, this is still the case, like in the US.

Luckily, in the UK, with increased competition, you can now get one for as low as £400. And that’s for a good one.

In fact, a £400 water softener occupies a high position on our Best Water Softener ratings, UK.

How much should I spend?

It depends on the size of your house and household; and your water usage.

If your household is 1-4 people, the Water2Buy W2B200 has a plentiful 1250-litres per day capacity. Very few 4 person households will ever use more than that.

This model can be found for around £400 or thereabouts.

The BWT water softener brand has two models, the WS355 for those with 12mm connections, and the WS555 for those with 15mm hoses.

As for costs, the WS355 is only slightly more than the Water2Buy model. The WS555 is a decent chunk more expensive, since it has hi-flow capabilities (and also can accept block salt).

The more important question is does it work to fix the hard water, leaving you with softened water. And these model certainly do that. The vast majority of purchasers of these models find them to do an excellent job, and people are always surprised that they start working immediately after installation.

As for longevity, these units are well made and last well.

So, if you’re lucky enough to have relatively moderate water usage, you can purchase one of the lower cost units mentioned above and they’ll do you a great job.

Running Costs

Your main running costs are electricity to power the water softener system, and salt.

Why do they need salt? Well, here’s how water softeners work, in the UK.

Electricity costs are very small, perhaps equivalent to the cost of an alarm clock. That could be around £5-10 per year.

Salt costs will depend on how much water you use. But for most moderate users it will be from £20-80 per year.

Service costs? Some water softener brands will try to sell their product by claiming that other water softeners will need yearly servicing. But in 2022, most modern water softeners have a high quality regeneration system. That takes care of any maintenance required. The only thing you do have to do is to replace the salt occasionally.

We’ve created a resource to help your decision – here are the benefits vs costs of a water softener.

And check out how to solve hard water issues.

Summing Up Water Softener System UK Cost Price

After reading this article, hopefully you have a much better idea of the water softener system UK cost price. Hopefully, you can use that information to weigh up whether a water softener is for you, and how much you should spend on one.

We looked at the prices, in 2022 in the UK and discussed how those prices are far better than they were a few years ago.

That’s because a few years the market was relatively uncompetitive and the few sellers were able to keep their price high. But with some new sellers introducing water softeners that are high quality, with modern technology, and yet at a more affordable price, the market is quite different now.

We also looked at the running costs, of which there are few – just electricity and salt. And both those costs are very low.

Good luck with your decision!