Best Shower Filter For Hard Water UK 2024

All shower filters aren’t made equally! Not all of them can successfully alleviate your hard water problems, and provide you with healthier, safer water. Here are the ones that can.

Our selections for the best shower filter for hard water in the UK in 2024 are as follows: No.1 top pick is the AquaHomeGroup 15 Stage Shower Filter – it provided the best results in our testing and represents the best value. Then there’s best option that also increases water pressure, the Miniwell Shower Head Filter; and there’s the best budget shower filter, the Magichome Ionic Shower Head.

AquaHomeGroup 15 Stage Shower Filter

  • Contaminants removed: Chlorine, Fluorine, impurities, dirt, odour-causing contaminants
  • Filtration type: Activated carbon, steel mesh, PP cotton, various beads (eg. microporous ceramic balls, Germanium balls) and more
  • Flow rate: 2.5 Gallons Per Minute
  • Type: Inline (Not including shower head)
  • Exterior finish: Chrome

Miniwell Shower Head Filter

  • Contaminants removed: copper, lead, mercury, chlorine, THMs
  • Filtration type: Activated Carbon Fibre, PP cotton
  • Type: Shower head
  • Exterior finish: Stainless steel, brass, copper

Magichome Ionic Shower Head

  • Contaminants removed: chlorine, fluorine, heavy metals, rust, odour-causing contaminants, toxins
  • Filtration type: anion mineral balls, anode activation balls, infrared mineral balls
  • Flow rate: 2.5 Gallons Per Minute
  • Type: Shower head
  • Exterior finish: Polished Polycarbonate

We are the UK’s water filter experts, our team has many years of experience with all kinds of water filters, softeners, filter kettles, scale removers, and much more!

Check out our selections. We let you know the pros and cons of each model, along with providing a buyer’s guide so that you can choose the one that best meets your specific needs at your price range.

ModelAquaHomeGroup 15 Stage Shower FilterMiniwell Shower Head FilterMagichome Ionic Shower HeadAquaHomeGroup 20 Stage Shower FilterComfiTech Ionic Shower Head
TypeInline Filter (Not including shower head)Shower HeadShower HeadInline Filter (Not including shower head)Shower Head
Filtration TypeActivated carbon, steel mesh, PP cotton, various beads (eg. microporous ceramic balls, Germanium balls) and moreActivated Carbon Fibre, PP cottonanion mineral balls, anode activation balls, infrared mineral ballsActivated carbon, steel mesh, PP cotton, various beads (eg. microporous ceramic balls, Germanium balls), antibacterial balls, resin and moreMaifanite beads, tourmaline beads, natural zeolite beads
Filter life6 months6 months4-6 months6 months6 months

AquaHomeGroup 15-stage


Magichome Ionic

AquaHomeGroup 20-stage


best shower filter for hard water uk

Best Shower Filter For Hard Water Criteria

Here are the criteria we used to select the top hard water shower filters in the UK.

  • The build quality
  • How well it solves hard water problems
  • Effectiveness of filter
  • Ability to increase water pressure
  • Value for money

The models of shower filter that made our list are the ones that met and exceeded our miminum levels for each criteria.

In the reviews, we discuss how well or otherwise each shower filter head/ inline filter performs in these categories.

Hard Water Shower Filter Reviews

Check out the pros and cons of each model in the reviews below.

AquaHomeGroup 15 Stage Shower Filter

Pros and who needs this shower filter:

It makes the biggest difference to skin and hair
This filter was the one that really made the most noticeable difference to skin and hair. It just feels softer on your skin. Feedback was very strong – tons of people report having softer, smoother skin and shinier, more vibrant hair after installing this. Significantly reduced hairfall, as well.

Use it for any water outlet eg. bath, sink
Most people will use this for showers but if you want softened, cleaner waters for your bath, for example, then you can install it before the bath taps. It works equally well to soften water for that purpose.

Very easy to install
It’s super easy to install, just tighten it by hand, and add some tape, that’s it!

Excellent removal of unpleasant smells
It worked really well to remove nasty chemical smells or general unpleasant odours from the water. Many people noticed the improvement, and often a total removal of the smell.

Cons and why this model is not for you:

It’s a filter only, no shower head included
Which is fine, if you’re happy with the shower head you already have. If not, you’ll have to buy a new shower head as well.

Won’t increase water pressure
It won’t make your water pressure better, or at least not by much. Some people have a dual purpose for buying a shower filter – it’s to improve their hard water but also to improve water pressure. The No.2 model on our list is able to soften/filter water and increase water pressure. But this AquaHomeGroup shower filter won’t do that for you.

Where can you get it?

You can check out the lowest priced seller, on Amazon here.

Miniwell Shower Head Filter

Pros and who needs this shower filter:

Highly effective chlorine removal
Miniwell have data showing that 99% of chlorine is removed, and we think this is likely to be accurate; it seemed that any faint chlorine smell was removed.

The best at increasing water pressure
This is the best technology we’ve seen on a shower head filter for improving water pressure. The 118 water holes mean that it’s a nice, full, throaty, powerful jet of water, and yet it’s actually saving water at the same time.

Clever 2-way filter
A common problem with shower filter cartridges is that they can become clogged after a large amount of water has passed through. With the Miniwell filter, you can turn it upside down and it rejuvenates the filter, working from the other way. Which also means it lasts longer as well.

Cons and why this model is not for you:

It’s not a perfect solution for very hard water areas
The vast majority of people notice difference, both in how the water feels, and the effects on their hair and skin. And a reduction in limescale too. But some people report that it only has some effect, it doesn’t completely resolve the problem. It’s likely that these people have very hard water in their home.

It’s expensive
It’s more than double the cost of our budget option; it represents the best solution that both softens water and increases water pressure, you need to decide if the increased cost is worth it for you.

Where to get it?

It’s right here, on Amazon.

Magichome Ionic Shower Head Filter

Pros and who needs this shower filter:

The most effective low priced option
In the low cost bracket, say £10-15, this was the most effective at creating better quality water. It was softer and this did cause an improvement in the skin and hair of many users.

Decent increase in water pressure
We didn’t expect such an effect from such a low cost shower filter head. It definitely improves water pressure.

Good standard of impurity removal
Again, it was better than expected at removing toxins, heavy metals and chlorine, fluoride. There’s a triple level of filtration: mineral, cathode and negative balls, which work quite well.

Cons and why this model is not for you:

Can create more mist
We found that it created more mist than normal, it seemed to fan out a lot and cover mirrors and windows with quite a lot of water. Decide for yourself if the improvement in water quality and higher pressure is worth this potential cost.

Not quite as effective as the AquaFilterHome models
It definitely had a positive effect in terms of removing chemicals; and in softening the water. Just not quite as soft as the water produced from the No.1 model on our list. If your hard water problem is moderate, this one is good enough; if your water is severely hard, it may have less effect.

The shower head is quite heavy
It sometimes caused the head to slide down. If you’ve got a bracket/holder that is prone to sliding down or is not that strong, this may not be the best choice of shower head for you.

Where to get it?

Check out this model of shower filter here, on Amazon.

What To Consider When Buying A Shower Filter For Hard Water

Here’s what you need to know to make your buying decision.

Should you get an inline filter or a shower head type?

An inline filter is a unit with the filter media inside. You’ll attach it just before the water outlet. For most people that’ll be below the shower head. It filters the water and then it comes out of your shower head as normal.

Some people worry that it will cause a major decrease in shower pressure. That’s not the case, as long as you get one with good enough quality. The AquaHomeGroup shower filters on this list, have no noticeable effect on water pressure.

A shower head filter has the filter media contained in the shower head. You’ll replace the shower head as you normally would, and the filtration happens automatically when the water passes through the shower head.

The modern, higher quality shower heads of this type have the ability to increase water pressure. Mostly they have new technology within the holes through which the water passes that allow for more of the individual tiny jets of water to pass through. And this means both better water pressure and surprisingly, less water used at the same time.

All the shower head filters on this list are proven to have good ability to increase water pressure.

How good is your water quality?

We’re guessing you have some kind of issues with hard water since you’re looking at this article. But do you know how hard your water is? It is mildly hard or very hard?

If it’s mild, all the shower filters on this list are well equipped to help with this problem.

If it’s moderate to hard, then the AquaHomeGroup filter has the best technology to soften the water and improve issues you’ve been having, particularly if hard water has caused issues with your skin or hair.

If it’s extremely hard, then there’s only so much a shower filter can do. You may need to consider a water softener system. They are the most effective way to entirely eliminate hard water’s negative effect on your hair and skin, as well as reducing soap/shampoo usage due to better lathering. (There are water softener alternatives, but they can only really help with limescale.)

There are a few places in the UK that you can get water testing kits; it’s simple to order them online.

Do you know you have other contaminants, like chlorine or fluoride? You can test for that too. Each model on this list is equipped to deal with impurities like those.

How easy is it to install?

You’ll want to know how easy or otherwise it is to install before you buy it.

Are there any tools needed? How long will it take? Do I need a plumber?

Ease of installation was one of our key criteria for this list. Not many people want the expense of hiring a plumber to do it, since that’ll probably cost 10-20 times the cost of the filter itself!

Each water filter on this list, including the inline filters, don’t require any tools. As long as you’re able to screw and unscrew the connections by hand, that’s all you need to do.

Best Shower Filter For Hard Water Summary

That’s it! That was our analysis of the best shower filter for hard water in the UK in 2024.

The top models were tested and reviewed, and those were our selections. The AquaHomeGroup inline shower filter produced the best softness of water, at a decent price. The Miniwell shower head filter had the best combination of water filtering and increased water pressure, but did come at a higher price. The Magichome Ionic shower head, performed quite well in terms of filtration and increasing water pressure, the best of the budget options.

Our buying guide gave some insight into what to consider when selecting your shower filter. You’re best to consider your water’s hardness, how easy it is to install and the type you need (whether you want to keep your existing shower head or not).

Good luck, and enjoy whichever shower filter you go for!