Berkey Water Filter Review (UK)

Water filters, that’s our thing. The clue’s in the name, you see.

In the field of gravity fed filters, there’s one name that rides roughshod over all the rest; and that name is… Big Berkey.

But have they become too, well, Big for their boots? Or are they at the top of the market for a reason?

That’s what we’ll be digging into today.

This, then, is a Berkey Water Filter Review.

We cover the basic stats and essential information in the box below; then go on to describe our experience in more detail, including the pros and cons, and how to know if the Big Berkey Water Filter (check it out on Amazon, here) is the type of filter you need.

Big Berkey Gravity Fed Water Filter

  • Capacity: 8.5L
  • Filtration Type: Activated Carbon; and more
  • Dimensions: 21.6L x 48.9W x 21.6H cm
  • Weight: 3.3kg

What did we analyse specifically to reach out conclusions about the Big Berkey Water Filter?

We put it to the test for the following characteristics:

  • Filtration range and ability (percentage of contaminants removed)
  • Ease of use – both in terms of dispensing water and refilling
  • Build quality of the unit itself
  • Likely filter lifespan
  • Water output taste and quality
  • Range of uses (for example, for camping etc.)
Berkey Water Filter Review

Rating the Big Berkey Water Filter

Let’s explore this filter and let you know the pluses and minuses from our testing.

Big Berkey Water Filter

Pros and who needs this water filter:

A huge range of contaminants and impurities were removed in our testing
Every filtration type is different. Each has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. In particular, a method may be strong in filtering some particular impurities and not so strong for other impurities. We really like the Berkey filters; we found that they successfully remove many different types of contaminants and often to an extremely high level. That’s pretty much the key thing you want from your water filter, right? Unlike the vast majority of filters on the market, Berkey have a veritable ton of scientific evidence for their filtration effectiveness. The Big Berkey filters are superb at removing viruses, bacteria, pharmaceuticals, VOCs, chlorine, PFOAs, parasites, hormones, heavy metals, pesticides and a lot more.

Tried and tested
To say it’s tried and tested would be to significantly understate the reality. The Big Berkey Gravity Fed Water Filter could be called the Big Daddy of water filters. They’ve got an excellent reputation in the water industry for their quality. Our reports from distributors was that they get consistently excellent feedback from end users. You’ll notice a massive amount of highly positive online reviews, as well.

A noticeable difference
There’s levels to this game, as they say. Most filters get varying reports on whether you can actually notice and taste the difference to the water. But most people will notice the difference and improvement in the taste of their water. We felt the water tasted better in our testing. It’s a nice feeling, like you’re going to be more healthy as a result. The difference it makes, of course, depends on the quality of your water as it is at the moment. The poorer the taste/quality of your water supply, the more likely you are to see a significant change.

Long lasting filter life
Really long lasting, in fact. 7-11 years, say Berkey, and you’ll find people who back up that seemingly outlandish claim. It’s recommended that you clean the filters once per year, though. There are plenty of water filters out there needing replacement every 3 or 6 months, so bear that in mind in your cost (and hassle) considerations as well.

Cons and why this filter system may not be right for you:

It’s not a fast option
What do we mean by that? We mean that if you fill up the Berkey filter’s reservoir fully (8.5L), it’ll take around half an hour to filter that water. If you need quick access to that water, you’ll have a wait. Of course, normally you’ll have enough water remaining for your needs. Just keep an eye on the amount of water in it, and keep it topped up.

The hefty price tag
Yeah, it’s not cheap. However good the filtration effectiveness is, there’s no getting away from the fact that this a high price to pay for a water filter. There’s an argument that these are the best quality water filters out there, and that potentially means the highest quality water. You’ll need to decide if the difference it makes to your water is worth the expense. It could be that a lower cost filter would be enough for your needs.

Where can you buy it?

Here’s where you can check it out on Amazon.

How good are the Big Berkey Water Filters at remocing contaminants?

Activated carbon water filters alone are great.

But the Berkey gravity fed filters have that type of filtration, along with a lot more. That’s why they can remove so many contaminants.

They’re also highly efficient at removing hormones (here are a few other filters that remove hormones).

If you want specific test data, you can check out these results, and see exactly what contaminants are removed, and in what quantity.

Berkey Water Filter Review Summary

That, then, was our Berkey Water Filter Review.

It’s got plenty going for it, it’s fair to say. Superb and wide-ranging filtration, perhaps even the best there is. As far as the verified testing for contaminant removal goes, they’re on a different planet to most other water filters on the UK market.

And a high quality, well-made unit. This filter lasts a very long time, as well. Even as much as a decade.

It takes time to filter, though. And it comes with a steep price tag You do have to clean the filters (though only once every 12 months or so). So think carefully if you need this high level of filtration, according to your budget.

Good luck with whatever decision you make on the Big Berkey Gravity Fed Water Filter (see price and specs on Amazon).